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Women Empowerment
We work to empower women in the society by providing training for anganwadi programmes and making them self sufficient.

Computer Education
We provide basic computer knowledge and high level computer courses also, from our qualified teachers.

Child Education
We give coaching classes for 1st to 12th standard.
E.F.A.Welfare Society

My Vision

By virtue of my position as pioneer of the prestigious Education for All Welfare Society. I owe certain obligatory responsibilities. As such with my varied educational experiences, I have thought it essential to express my personal views related to education.
In my humble opinion education is never given rather imparted when student are inspired through the various methods to create curiosity and to placate the quest of knowledge.
When a stream of wisdom overflows from the ocean of the preceptors, it brings fundamental quake in the whole edifice of the character of a student, having thrilled round development especially in his academic moral behaviour.
The teacher who are character builders are honest tot their work not reluctantly but sincerely and are careful not to make their pious work professional. In fact, the teaching is not a profession, it is a way of life, a system of life, whereas the work of a student is ethical, systematic and she is expected to be more dedicated to her assignment, our emphasis is to create conceivable atmosphere and abilities among the students to perceive the system of thought involved by their teachers in order to use the effectively in life situations.
No imposed or imitated way of life can lead the student to the pillars of success. Hence I prefer and grace the students to specialize the trade which they have often in tune with their curiosity and interest.
The interest could neither be imposed nor dictated, it could only be motivate observing all activities of a child. Once the decision of parents or the teacher is imposed upon the children, they may easily forget their mental status. In fact children are born with their own calibre, instinct or originality, some of them are born artists, some are born administrators and leaders and a few of them are born followers.
I instruct my students to avoid all negative approach of life and try to be affirmative or creative. Undoubtedly the role of a teacher in the class room in very significant.
A teacher is a symbol of inspiration. He should act, behave and. Speak very lovingly.
A teacher must be very particular while teaching in the class as his every word creates effects. His negative approach of "life, pessimistic behaviour and reluctant teaching can destroy the desired golden castle of future of the students. Hence the role of a teacher is not only significant but also very delicate because the enjoys a position which is unique and quite different from all those engaged in other professions.
Don't take it as a long or somewhat an imposing sermon. Ideas mentioned above are meant for throwing lights on the path of success which go towards the cherished foal and the ultimate object of the life of a student. As Educationist I have been fortunate to get the privilege and opportunity of observing all aspects of child psychology.
On the basis of my continued keen observations, I can say with confidence that the relation between a teacher and that of a student is not only commercial but is united with the thread of love and affection also. At the same time on who wants to be a successful teacher has to evoke the sleeping cells in order to impart the matter effectively.
A teacher must be equipped with the latest teaching techniques of delivering a high standard of performance. He is expected to possess the ability to perceive drawbacks of a student at appropriate time and sort these out carefully and delicately with tender affection. As such a teacher should adopt effective and communicative approach and be committed honestly to his responsibilities. I fervently advocate the significance of interaction not only between the teacher and the student but also between the parents and teacher.
I am fully satisfied with whatever I achieved the essence of education which has fundamentally changed my basic thinking and to understand the natural fragrance of education which beautifies the whole character of a student. Finally I express my personal gratitude To Whom It May Concern for my recognition as a teacher and as educationist.

Sanotery Dilwalia
(Chairman of Society)